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Serving the South Shore of Boston

We are fully mobile for the 2024 season! 

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More than just detailing

We are ready for all your maintenance needs. We are equipped to replace windshield wipers, service disc brakes, perform oil changes and much more.  Enjoy the convenience of most services from your own driveway. 

Reliable Auto Detailing specializes in paint correction & protection. Our team takes on custom cosmetic transformations with a focus on personalized service, competitive rates and customer satisfaction.

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Fair Prices, Guaranteed

Please give us the year/make/model of your vehicle and type of service you are looking for. Estimates are based on vehicle size & type. Estimates are subject to change upon inspection of vehicle. All Estimates are valid for 15 days.

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The following Service Agreement is a legal contract between an individual vehicle owner and Reliable Auto Detailing regarding our policies and procedures. Please read carefully before scheduling an appointment.


In this Service Agreement “Agreement,” “you” and “your” refer to each “customer,” including each person (agent) you designate to act on your behalf.  “Reliable Auto Detailing,” and “we,” “us,” and “our” refer collectively to Reliable Auto Detailing, LLC. This Agreement explains our obligations to you, and your obligations to us in relation to the service(s) you purchase.  If you designate a person to act on your behalf “Designated Agent,” you agree that this person is your agent with full authority to act on your behalf with respect to such services and your vehicle. Please refer to the accompanying Service Order for specific information regarding the day and time of your requested detailing services (job) specific to your vehicle.  By using our service you agree to the terms of this agreement, without modification by you.


The fee for our service is the agreed dollar amount, indicated as “Total Cost” on the service package order. The term of service is for the amount of time reserved by us to complete the “job” you requested and not for any specific outcome. The amount of time reserved is an estimate since the condition of each vehicle varies. It is possible that the job could be less or more than the time reserved. In the event that your job is completed in less time, the fee will remain the same and will not be adjusted. If the job takes longer than the time reserved, we will stay as long as needed to complete the job at no additional cost, up to a maximum of two (2) hours. Additional time beyond two (2) hours is charged at the rate of $100 per hour (rounded to the nearest quarter hour).  If a job will take longer than estimated, we will let you know once we know and about how much additional time it will take. If you choose not to have additional time then we will do the best job possible during the remaining time available. All hourly services are billed at the rate of $100 per hour, rounded to the nearest quarter hour.

If you have extra/special requests, please let us know at the time the service package order is written. Any alterations or changes after the initial service package order has been issued may result in an extra charge. Any alterations or charges to the initial service package order must be approved in writing between you and Reliable Auto Detailing before any extra work begins. Any changes to fees and/or time, be it verbal or in writing, will not affect the substance of this agreement and all the terms herein will still apply with the new rate and/or time.

Payment is due on the date of service. We reserve the right to maintain possession of vehicle and/or keys until full payment is made. We accept cash, checks, and major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express). Please do not leave any payments in the vehicle.

For new corporate clients, payment for the first service is due on the date of the initial service. Thereafter, invoices are issued and due 15 days from the date sent to the client. All invoices are issued electronically by email to a contact nominated by the client.


All fees are due and payable on the date the services are rendered (this is your due date). Accounts not paid within 30 days of the due date of the invoice are subject to a 15% monthly finance charge. This fee will be retroactive to the payment due date and reflected on the next invoice. It will be applied each month until the overdue amount is paid. A fee of $30.00 will be charged for a non-sufficient fund check returned by the bank to us. In the event an account requires legal or collection action, you agree to pay all costs of collection without limitations for reasonable attorney fees, interest on past due amount, court costs, and all collection costs.


You or Reliable Auto Detailing may cancel a job at any time for any reason. Please provide at least 24-hours notice, to receive a full refund (100%) of the amount prepaid if applicable (including any deposit). If Reliable Auto Detailing cancels your job you will receive a 100% refund of any prepaid fees if applicable. Reliable Auto Detailing is a mobile service and performs its service out-of-doors. If weather conditions prevent us from doing the job, your appointment will be cancelled, and neither you nor Reliable Auto Detailing will not be held liable in anyway. If and when this occurs, we will reschedule or you may request a 100% refund of any prepaid fees if applicable. All refunds are issued in the manner in which the original amount was paid (e.g., if paid by credit card, the credit card will be credited). If we arrive during the scheduled day and time and are turned away for ANY reason, OR cannot gain entrance to your vehicle for ANY reason, then you are still liable to pay the full amount of the agreed upon fee. In addition, we will wait for not more than 15 minutes from the beginning of a scheduled job, at which time the job becomes a cancellation by you and you are liable to pay the full amount of the agreed upon fee.


Reliable Auto Detailing must conduct a consultation with you and see the vehicle before we can provide you the total cost and estimate the time before we will accept a job. We reserve the right to adjust any over-the-phone cost or time estimate after we have visually inspected your vehicle. A written estimate is good for 10 days. An estimate is not binding beyond 10 days of the date of the estimate OR if the vehicle condition changes between the time the vehicle was inspected and the scheduled appointment.


We want you to be satisfied with our service. For your convenience, and our quality control, we may provide you with a checklist indicating the various services we provided while cleaning and/or detailing your vehicle. Reliable Auto Detailing’s services help to recondition and restore your vehicle. No services offered are guaranteed to completely restore the vehicle to any previous or new condition. We will try our absolute best to restore the vehicle to the best condition possible and within the constraints of our resources, time, and expertise. We will conduct a final inspection with you present, at the end of the job. If, after the final inspection, you find our service unsatisfactory, please contact us within 24 hours so we can address your concern. Reliable Auto Detailing will not be held liable for any concerns after 24 hours of job completion or if you did not complete the final inspection with us.


Reliable Auto Detailing is fully insured. We are fully insured to operate wherever you may need serviced. Our insurance covers every customer and vehicle. Notwithstanding negligence, Reliable Auto Detailing cannot be held responsible for damage to the vehicle while in our care. We are as careful as possible and if something does get damaged while detailing your vehicle, we will advise you of the incident. We will check the condition of your vehicle for any existing damage during the pre-inspection at the time we prepare for the estimate. Additional pre-existing damage may be noted as the vehicle is cleaned or detailed. We will take pictures of your vehicle immediately before we begin the job. You agree not to hold Reliable Auto Detailing liable for pre-existing damage.


Prior to our arrival, please remove all items from the vehicle.  Please empty out the glove compartment and any storage compartments.  Please remove all cash, jewelry, and other valuables. If for any reason you do not want a particular area of your vehicle to be cleaned or detailed, please let us know before we begin a job.  We will package any personal items we find while servicing your vehicle into plastic bags and remove them from the vehicle. We will return the items to your vehicle once we’re finished. You agree to not hold us responsible for damage or loss to any item left inside or outside the vehicle.


Pull out or remove any seats or equipment.

Reinstall any child safety seat.

Shine pedals and steering wheel.


You authorize us to operate or to move your vehicle.  This may include moving the vehicle so that it can be parked on a wash mat.


Please make sure the keys to the vehicle are available to us.


Please follow all directions given on the care sheet provided after every tint service. Failure to follow any/all directions may cause damage to tint or vehicle & void any warranty.   Do not roll down the windows for at least 5 days after completion of the service. Haziness, water bubbles, and other imperfections are normal during the initial curing process. Environmental factors such as humidity & temperature may cause the initial curing process to be up to 6 weeks. Scratches on the film that are not reported within 24 hours of service may not be covered by "installation error" under our warranty.  We want you to be happy with your tint service & we try to provide a service that is above industry standard. However, contamination is impossible to avoid during any tint service. Each window may have up to 5% of contamination. Vehicles that are excessively dirty will cause more contamination. We can detail your vehicle before installation for an additional fee. Reliable Auto Detailing LLC is not responsible for any fines related to any local tint restrictions. Please refer to your local laws on tint restrictions.


We offer a lifetime limited warranty on every tint job we perform unless otherwise specified whether verbally or written. The warranty covers installation errors such as excessive contamination, scratches in film caused by installation. Our film quality is also covered from color fading, peeling, cracking, adhesive failure and delamination. Scratches in film not reported within 24 hours of installation or caused by user are not covered. Improper window washing methods void warranty. Follow all instructions on tint care sheet given at the end of the service. Damage caused by rolling windows down before 5 days after installation is not covered. 


We ask for your feedback.  Please send an email ( or Direct Message us on Instagram and Facebook (ReliableAutoDetailing)  and let us know if there are ANY concerns – good or bad. Reliable Auto Detailing reserves the right to use pictures of your vehicle for marketing purposes and to publish on our Instagram or Facebook page.  No personal identification of the vehicle or its owner will be published. Your privacy is our highest concern.


You will receive a $20 discount on your next service for referring a new client to Reliable Auto Detailing. This discount becomes effective after the referred client’s first service and payment. Please email us the new client’s name and address and we will ensure this credit reflects on your future invoice. Only one referral discount allowed per service.


We require the collection of certain information from you in order to respond to your inquiries, provide automotive appearance services, and to ensure that we can provide a quality and personalized service.

When you inquire about our services via in-person, telephone, email, or through our website, the information we may collect includes your name, address, telephone numbers (including mobile), email address, and the year, make, and model of vehicle. We require this information in order to respond to your inquiry.

If you decide to purchase our services, in addition to the above information, we collect the vehicle registration and identification number. If you are not available when your vehicle is detailed, we collect the name of a person you authorize to act as your agent and his or her telephone number. The information we collect is not legally required, but is required in order to provide you with our services. If you choose not to provide this information, we may not be able to provide you with our services.


Once you decide to purchase a service, we will communicate with you via email, telephone, or USPS mail to provide the information and services you request and to manage your account. You may not opt-out of these transactional communications, which are not promotional in nature.

We offer promotional communications. After making an inquiry about our services, before deciding to purchase a service, and after a purchase of our services, we may send you promotional communications. We offer newsletters via email to provide information about our products such as vehicle care tips, sales and promotions, and dates that we are available to provide services. You may also receive promotional materials via USPS mail. You may opt-out of promotional communications at any time via a link at the bottom of the email, emailing us at, or calling (781) 660 3625.

We DO NOT share personal information with third parties.

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